8 Trends That Will Shape Southeast Asia Ecommerce in 2019

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Last updated February 22 2019, 5:14 pm

Shopee's New Online Tutorials Aim to Educate Sellers about Ecommerce Intricacies

Realizing that numerous Shopee sellers are traditional merchants or individuals who do not understand ecommerce, Shopee rolls out a step-by-step guide to educate the sellers who are... Read on

Samsung Develops Mobile Shopping in Southeast Asia with Visual Search in a Deal with Singapore-based ViSenze

The extensive collaboration between the smartphone manufacturer and the AI technology provider will enable consumers to take a photograph and be directed to webpages where the exact... Read on

Indonesia's Trade Ministry Calls for Domestic Products to be Sold on E-Marketplaces

The Trade Ministry is preparing a draft regulation that will require online marketplaces to display local products on their platforms in addition to imported products. At the moment,... Read on

Taxation Supervisory Committee Considers Giving Incentives to Ecommerce Marketplaces in Indonesia

Taking the new regulation on tax treatment for ecommerce transactions in considerations, Indonesia’s Taxation Supervisory Committee suggests that e-marketplaces need incentives... Read on

Dairy Nutrition Company Fonterra Reports Strong Ecommerce Growth in Malaysia Especially During the Singles Day

The company states that its online sales in Malaysia grew more than double during the Singles Day and 12.12. Sales of Anmum, Anlene, and Fernleaf products are the top drivers across... Read on
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