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Frequently Asked Questions

Platform & Service-Related Questions

Our data is updated either daily, weekly, or once a month, depending on the plan that the client has subscribed to

  • Paid clients’ subscribed brands receive daily updates
  • LazMall tag brands receive weekly updates
  • The rest receive monthly updates

Yes, as part of our roadmap, flash sales and additional features will continuously be added to the platform based on the requirements of the market and the capability of the platform. Our product and strategy teams are currently working to establish the roadmap toward achieving these plans.

EcommerceIQ can build custom reports and/or provide consulting services through our third-party agencies, for an additional fee. Please kindly contact your customer success manager for your custom requirements.

Yes, the Market Insights platform can separate data points by seller type and product category. This will depend on the analysis the user is trying to conduct.

Market Insights offers you visibility to data about the brand as far back as the first day we collected. EcommerceIQ – Market Insights started developing our data harvesting engine in July 2017. Since then we haven’t stopped collecting and expanding our data to provide our subscribers with the widest visibilities and insights.

Market Insights is an AI-driven, stand-alone platform that is available for any brand that aims to elevate their e-commerce game and start winning on marketplaces online. We help brands and retailers increase performance by monitoring trends, competition, and content.

Since 2017, we have harvested data daily for more than 8,000 brands, 500,000 sellers, and 30 million products. Today, we are proud to say that our data set consists of 50 billion data points, giving our subscribers the most comprehensive view and in-depth, actionable insights into the Southeast Asian e-commerce market.

At the core of this platform is a Machine Learning algorithm that processes, computes, and relays the action that you can simply follow.

Users will be able to export some data from Market Insights. However, not all data points listed on the platform can be exported. Should a brand like to conduct a more specific or customized analysis, we recommend consulting with your customer success manager.

You can contact our sales team to schedule a demo session, this will give you an overview of Market Insights features and functionalities, which allows you to evaluate Market Insights’s benefits to your business.

Market Insights was designed entirely through close collaboration with many leading global brands and their users. We have carefully thought out our user interface and the user experience journey. You will not be able to customize Market Insights. However, we can customize the report based on your preferences, our business intelligence team can provide you with a customized report. You can reach out to our customer success manager for further requests.

We are constantly on the lookout for advocates and avid users of the tool who would like to share their feedback. We highly encourage you to reach out to us and provide feedback and ideas to improve our solution. Who knows? You just might change how data is used across Southeast Asia!

You will be able to access all the brands and marketplaces which are currently being monitored by Market Insights in your country. Moreover, we are continuously expanding our database to give you the broadest view of the market and empower you to drive your business forward. If a brand is missing, let us know and we’ll add it for you!

Currently, all our subscriptions are processed by our sales team. Please feel free to reach out to them and they will build a proposal catered to your needs. You may also visit our Pricing Page and choose the package that best suits your business needs.

aCommerce aims to provide subscribers with flexibility. Thus, we offer Market Insights as a month-to-month service to avoid locking our subscribers into long-term commitments. You can cancel at any time. If you do choose to subscribe to our platform for a longer period, such as 12 months, we will offer you a special discount.

We have teams of Management Leaders, E-commerce Managers, Digital Marketers, and Market Intelligence experts that can give you support during business hours, from 8 AM – 6 PM (GMT+7). We will also provide you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager for your brand.

We are here to assist you in every way possible! It is important to note that these services have an additional charge on top of your normal subscription package. The cost of these additional services is calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on your request.

Marketplace-Related Questions

Currently, we are partnered with Lazada & Shopee, these two have a full presence across the Southeast Asian region. We are currently working on partnerships with other marketplaces and will soon be able to add Qoo10, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak, among others. For updates, you may check the availability of marketplaces from our support team.

In these instances, we make adjustments to our structure based on the data that is made available to us by the marketplace and generate the analyses accordingly.

As we can see in their respective seller centers, these two ecommerce marketplaces themselves employ data scrapers or third parties to collect data on competitive products.

aCommerce operates on a strict policy of not using internal data from brands. Our core value respects that internal data is proprietary to brands and marketplaces. Thus, Market Insights does not collect internal data from brands. All our data is based on crawlers that collect data only from marketplaces’ front-end interfaces such as their websites.

Technically, Market Insights is a powerful solution that can collect data from DTC or websites. Doing so, however, is considered outside the platform’s purview and will require us to pay customs fees for the channels, depending on the scope of data tracking. Additionally, the data collected may be limited and will rely only on the information available on the website itself.

Our partnership with marketplaces does not encompass collecting data as they do not share data with any party, even the brands that sell on their site. As a result, we employ scrapers and crawlers to collect our data. Clients can rest assured that we developed the best possible solutions to collect the most accurate data possible.

Please refer to the section titled “Product Limitations & Client Responses” to learn more about the limitations of this platform.

Product Limitations & Client Responses

We do our best to achieve the highest level of accuracy in collecting data, generating reports, and providing analyses. However, ecommerce marketplaces are not open to sharing data directly with external parties, there is no way to guarantee 100% data accuracy. Our data quality can range anywhere from 80% to 95% on any given month.

  • The following factors can contribute to the accuracy of our data as it is beyond our control:
  • Flash sales that occur in the middle of the day.
    Promotion vouchers. The lack of access to redemption data limits us from computing actual additional discounts.
  • Cancellations, if any, which will not be reflected in the data that we collect from marketplaces

In measuring market size, we have to rely on estimates due to limitations in data collection as a result of the marketplaces’ website structure. We are positive that this process will improve in the future as the marketplaces continue to improve their “brand tagging” process and become more friendly with external APIs.

Our data is collected once a day or once a week, depending on the subscription of paid or non-paid client groups. It could also depend on the frequency at which the marketplace updates its data. In certain cases, the marketplace updates its data after a couple of days.

Market Insights can track promotion vouchers. Redemptions, however, remain untrackable as the marketplaces currently do not have this data. Keep in mind that in reality, the untracked redemptions could be bringing in higher sales than reported.

We depend on the marketplace to keep their web structure relatively static, but there may be instances where the marketplace may modify the code and change the location of data or identifier. It may cause data to be missed for a certain duration while our developers update to match with the marketplaces’ code.