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beautyIQ Series Part 7: Providing Customer Support in Southeast Asia

Customer support plays an integral role in delivering an enjoyable online shopping experience. Your online store could be optimized with tips from beautyIQ series, but a poor customer experience will drive 89% of consumers to go to a competitor. The last article of the beautyIQ series will provide guidance on how to best support your Southeast […]


beautyIQ Series Part 6: How Social Commerce Works in Southeast Asia

Asia’s mobile phone penetration matched with the high popularity of social networks has paved the way for social commerce to flourish in Southeast Asia. More and more online shoppers are using social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to browse and to negotiate a purchase of beauty products, apparel and other goods instead of buying it […]


beautyIQ Series Part 5: Creating a Smooth Last Mile Experience in Southeast Asia

Up until this point, we’ve covered driving traffic to your online store, where to best sell your products and the type of content that increases conversions. Now we will be sharing a few tricks to make it easy for store visitors to complete their purchase, something commonly overlooked. From the checkout process to receiving the […]


beautyIQ Series Part 3: Where to Sell for Max Impact in Southeast Asia

The first two articles of beautyIQ series looked at how to get customers’ attention by blending transactional and discovery content and localizing it according to Southeast Asian customer cultural preferences. The next step to any brand’s successful ecommerce journey in Southeast Asia is to figure out where to sell their products, which will be the […]


beautyIQ Series Part 2: Localize Content to Your Southeast Asian Customer

beautyIQ Series Part 1 looked at various practices global brands use in Southeast Asia to boost sales through intertwined transactional and discovery content. This article will focus on the importance of adjusting content to the cultural preferences of brand’s target customers in order to grab market share. Let’s begin! Smartly crafted website content is essential […]