The Top 5 Apps in Vietnam You Should Know About


Vietnam is one of the few landscapes in Southeast Asia that has an influx of local players where website visits are comparable to giants such as Lazada. Retail ecommerce in the country is expected to earn $10 billion revenue by 2020 and its ecommerce landscape has been developing at a growth rate of 30% a year as businesses slowly shift from offline to online, with some doing purely online businesses.

Despite key local players and promising growth rate, Vietnam’s local ecommerce websites are PR shy outside of their own country. To start the conversation, here is a list of the most downloaded shopping apps and key ecommerce players in Vietnam, on both iOS and android.

1. TheGioiDiDong (B2C)

Listed as the second leading retailer in Vietnam in 2015, TheGoiDiDong (Mobile World) specializes in selling multi-brand technology goods to consumers, such as tablets and mobile phones from a range of global brands like Apple and Samsung. Last year, the online marketplace targeted $1 billion in revenue and launched 123 mobile phone outlets offline.

Recently, it was reported that Mobile World’s 2017 revenue is expected to reach $2.83 billion. The group is the third largest retailer in Vietnam, right behind Co op Mart and Big C and the company will rely on revenue from the online marketplace until 2018.

2. Sendo (B2C) 









Currently, the B2C marketplace sits comfortably in the top 5 most downloaded shopping apps in Vietnam for both Android and iOS. This year, Sendo collaborated with owner, IT company FTP to launch V-FTP wallet, an e-wallet platform to ease monthly bill payments and simplify ecommerce purchases.

Thanks to this added feature, Sendo predicts that online payment on its site will rise 30-40% each year compared to only 5% last year.

Currently, the website draws in 8 million visitors. Sendo’s managing director, Tran Hai Linh was included in ecommerceIQ’s SPARK 40 list as one of Southeast Asia’s notable 2016 ecommerce figures.

3. Tiki (B2C)


Tiki is one of Vietnam’s most promising startups. This year, Tiki is valued at $44.83 million, making it one of the big boys in Vietnam ecommerce.

The company’s founder Son Tran also made ecommerceIQ’s SPARK 40.

4. Mang Xanh (C2C) 









Mang Xanh is a C2C online marketplace that received approximately 22, 800 visits over the past 6 months. The site is a collective marketplace that houses products such as beauty, mother & baby and household appliances – aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things that you need.

5. Thi Thruong Si (C2C)

An online wholesale website with the majority of coverage in Vietnamese, TTS was established in 2014 with the goal to become the number 1 wholesale marketplace in Vietnam. They sell a range of products, from fashion to accessories and electronic goods.

With over 25,000 views daily and 20,000 new registrations per month, TSS is optimistic that the number will rise to 50,000 by the end of this year. The company’s goal is to become the go-to for wholesale shopping online in Vietnam.

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