Taiwan Mobile Co Eyeing Southeast Asia Ecommerce Market

Taiwan Mobile Co Eyeing Southeast Asia

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Taiwan Mobile Co (台灣大哥大), the second largest carrier in the country, has been eyeing Southeast Asia’s ecommerce potential – namely telecom markets of Indonesia. Momo.com Inc (富邦媒), its ecommerce subsidiary, has been gearing up to explore the markets in the Philippines and Vietnam said company chairman Richard Tsai.

In particular, Momo.com is seeking a business partner in the Philippines and an agreement on a strategic partnership is expected to be reached by the end of this year. Momo.com already owns a 35 percent stake in ecommerce operator TVD Shopping in Thailand – a company already profitable and will next year list its shares on Thailand’s stock market.

While India already has many telecom services providers, leading to intense competition and a price war, it has a huge population, creating business opportunities, in particular in data transmission, which is expected to rise.

However, any plans about investment in India still needs time to be finalized. The same business opportunities are expected for Indonesia by foreign telecom companies who join forces with its local counterparts to explore ecommerce further in the country. This aligns with PWC report: 5 Trends to watch in  Southeast Asia  Telecoms: 2016 will see more competitive activity in markets across Southeast Asia, including new market entries in the Philippines, Singapore and possibly Myanmar, as well as consolidation where operators are not scaling as expected.

A version of this appeared in Taipei Times on June 16. To read the full article, click here.