Before you rush off for your Valentines dinner, here’s what you need to know.

1. Thailand Post benefiting from ecommerce

Thailand Post says revenue from its parcel delivery service including express mail service (EMS) will exceed half of its total revenue in 2019.

Revenue from its parcel delivery service accounted for 42% of the total in 2016.

“The modernisation is not only aimed at serving the booming ecommerce market. The development is also intended to create sustainable revenue streams for us, serve consumer needs and accommodate the government’s digital economy.”Said Samorn Terdthampiboon, President of Thailand Post.

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2. Google Shopping Ads launches in Singapore to close gap between search and purchase

Google Shopping Ads help shoppers find the products they’re searching for and quickly connect with the merchants who sell those products. Shoppers will see them alongside Google Search results on


Retailers can use Google Shopping Ads to promote the products they sell, boost traffic to their website or local store, and find better qualified leads by putting product images, prices, and their business name in front of people searching on Google.


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3. SingPost shares hit by risk of impairment for US ecommerce acquisition

Shares of Singapore  Post fell to more than a five-month low after a US ecommerce firm it acquired in 2015, TradeGlobal, has been performing poorly. SingPost reported that its net profit for the third quarter fell 27.9% to $31.4 million from a year earlier on the back of operating losses in its US ecommerce business, costs related to the new Regional ecommerce Logistics Hub and a fall in domestic mail volumes.

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4. Recommended Reading: With Amazon books , Jeff Bezos is solving digital retail’s biggest design flaw

Technically the stores are still an experiment. But after visiting one it’s clear that this is in some ways an ingenious refinement of the bookstore idea—what Warby Parker is to eyeglasses and Shake Shack is to fast food, Amazon Books is to Barnes & Noble. The store solves one of the biggest problems with online shopping: discoverability.

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Been busy? Here is a quick roundup of news you should know from this weekend.

1. Thailand Post Launches Four New Services, Embraces The Digital Age

Thailand Post introduces Prompt Post, Messenger Post, the THP card and cross-border delivery service. Read more about it here.


2. Digital Media Company Migme Raises $6.2M in Funding

The fresh funds will be used to finance expenditures and attain cash flow positive operations by 2017. Read more about it here.


3. Food Panda Is Pulling Out of Indonesia

The business is reportedly up for acquisition, for less than $1 million. However, the online food delivery company still plans to stay in Southeast Asia. Read more about it here.


4. Rakuten Acquires Bitcoin Wallet Startup, Bitnet

Rakuten will leverage the acquisition and launch a ‘bitcoin lab’. The transaction financial figures were undisclosed. Read more about it here.


5. Worldwide Retail Ecommerce Sales Will Reach $1.915T This Year

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Double Digit growth will continue through 2020, with the bulk of retail ecommerce coming from China, where sales are expected to represent 47% of all such sales worldwide. Read more about it here.

Thailand Post plans to introduce four new services this year to support its move to a more digital postal organization, reports The Nation.

The four new services are:

    1. Prompt Post is designed to cut queuing time, is a pre-registration application in which people use a ready-to-send box before accessing post offices nationwide.It also has a pre-load application that allows customers to pre-register from their homes, automated post machines and automated deposit machines – the first one will be located at Suvarnabhumi airport.
    2. Messenger Post is an express delivery messenger and pick-up service for delivery nationwide. The service will allow postmen to collect products at home and at organizations.
    3. THP card is an e-money service applicabale for Thailand Post products and service fees.Thailand Post also plans to develop the THP card into an e-wallet for Thailand Post fee payments. It will also team up with Cambodia Post to provide a cross-border delivery service for Cambodian customers who make online purchases from Big C stores online.
    4. Cross-border delivery services

Satit Pittarat, Chairman of Thailand Post says “Thailand needs to adapt to the changing times by improving all its system, including services and investmen.t”

The enhancement would be developed under three key concepts, standardization, modernization and satisfaction to respond to the government’s “Thailand 4.0” initiative. Thailand Post has targeted revenue growth of 22.6% to 24 billion THB this year with a net profit of 3 billion THB.

Thailand Post also plans to renovate 1,300 of its counters by the end of this year.

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