The Future of Telcos in Southeast Asia

Source: e27

The future of telcos in Southeast Asia will be impacted by a strong de-concentration process says the experts on stage at Echelon Asia 2016. Ecommerce ventures can reap most of the benefits from this process as long as they are able to leverage new technologies to build innovative telco solutions for the region.

It is way more than launching an app. It is about network effect.

Mittman, Co-founder and Vice President of MyRepublic, went on to explain that the mega trend of the next 10-20 years will be the de-concentration of the telecom industry that has long been one of the most concentrated in the world.

Which is why, according to Karianne Melleby, Vice President and Head Of Digital Partnerships at Telenor, the next step is about forming partnerships, which requires education.

“Our vision is built on the need of the telco to disappear, but in a way that provides services. When you digitalise everything like, for example, ordering food online, it needs to be completely smooth.”

Gupta said that it means leveraging new technologies, like Cloud computing and payment platforms, because entrepreneurs need somebody to meld them together — which is where the telcos can step in.

In order to launch the telco company of the future, three things are required:

  • Regulation
  • Smartphone penetration
  • Demographics

The two latter are already strongly shaping the future of telcos in Southeast Asia. What is lacking is proper regulation, complexity of the market such as different countries and the legal system makes the process slower but recent projects launched by authorities show very encouraging signs.

A version of this appeared in e27 on June 15. Read the full article here