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1. Singapore consolidates all startup schemes under one umbrella

The Singapore government is set to consolidate its various funding schemes for startups under a single umbrella brand – Startup SG.

In another significant move, the city-state has decided to revise the Entrepass visa scheme, aimed at enabling foreign entrepreneurs seeking to launch a business venture in Singapore.

The reforms will see enhanced co-investment support for ventures in the area of deep technology in domains such as medical technology, clean technology and advanced manufacturing, to boost growth in private sector investment.

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2. Innovative logistics lab opens in China

Zebra Technologies, Digital China and have joined forces to develop a state-of-the art facility entitled the “IoT + Ecommerce Logistics Lab.”

The facility will enable the alliance to research and develop, prototype implementation, test and evaluation, and conduct application demonstrations, all of which will support the creation of next-generation logistics solutions. also has plans to improve the productivity of its current picking and packaging operations using mobile devices; increase the visibility of the tens of thousands of trays and cage trolleys.

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3. Recommended Reading: WhatsApp joins arsenal of online luxury amid race for customers

Online luxury retailer Yoox Net-a-Porter said it’s developing technology to allow customers to buy products directly through WhatsApp as the ecommerce market for Prada and Versace goods becomes more competitive.

By becoming one of the first companies to use WhatsApp to sell directly to customers, Yoox Net-a-Porter is seeking a leg up on competitors like Farfetch and luxury brands’ own sites.

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Garena, Southeast Asia’s most valuable tech startup, has closed additional funding from three new investors, reports Tech Crunch.

They include: SeaTown Holdings International, an affiliate of Singapore sovereign wealth fund Temasek, Indonesia’s GDP Venture and Mistletoe, a Japan-based fund.

The amount raised was not disclosed, and Singapore-headquartered Garena did not reveal a post-money valuation.

The company’s last valuation was $3.75 billion following a $170 million funding round in March from Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the Malaysian government’s strategic investment fund, and Chinese tech giant Tencent, a long-term, existing investor.

Garena is best known for the gaming business it started in 2009, which accounts for most of its revenue, but today it also operates a payment service, AirPay and social commerce app, Shopee.

While Garena didn’t elaborate a lot, it did reveal some notable figures for its two newest ventures.

Shopee has reached 1.4 million sellers and annualized GMV of $1.3 billion.

But Shopee’s GMV figure is being calculated using monthly figures rather than an entire year of sales, this means the figures may be somewhat distorted. The same applies to AirPay, which Garena said has an annualized gross transaction value exceeding $510 million, but again, this is an annualized figure.

Regardless, it highlights the fact that Garena is putting its significant weight into social commerce and payments.

The deal will see Taizo Son, the younger brother of SoftBank CEO, and SeaTown’s Archana Parekh join Garena’s advisory board.

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