Innovation and Disruption: Industry experts weigh in on what it means

For those working in ecommerce, or are followers of tech related news, seemingly abstract buzzwords such as ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ often come up in research articles or in speeches. This article weighs in on what ‘innovation’ really means in relation to retail. Although peppered with US retail references, a lot of the content can be transferred to the Southeast Asian retail commerce landscape as well.  Read more


Ecommerce Indonesia 2017 will be the first event in the region to bring together policy makers, BFSI experts, startup community, ICT technologists together to present you with the latest in:


Key Topics & Case Studies:

  • Upcoming ICT Projects and Policies
  • Startups : Driving the  digitization of Indonesia
  • Data Analytics To Cement Customer Loyalty
  • Building Trust in Online Payments
  • Personalizing IOT for mcommerce
  • Beefing Cyber-Security to increase confidence in online payments