The ASEAN ecommerce Inflection Year 2015  is a report by aCommerce Founder and Group CEO Paul Srivorakul that includes details and demographics about the ASEAN market and  consumer behavior. It provides a much needed window into the fragmented ecosystem of ASEAN ecommerce. As we stand in 2016, the  landscape has remained consistent with insights from this report. Here’s what we think you’d like to know:

Thailand’s Consumer Demographic

Thailand's Consumer Demographic

Thailand’s Consumer Demographic

Indonesia’s Consumer Demographic

Indonesian ecommerce demographic

Indonesian ecommerce demographic

Retailers should not just focus on millennials

  • As consumers age, online prominence also increases
  • Focus on Customer Lifetime Value at the earliest stage, even at 65+
  • SEA online shoppers are driven by deals and promotions

ecommerce payment trends

  • Cash on Delivery (COD) & Card-Swipe-On-Delivery (CSOD) will grow
  • Over the next 5 years, 65% of transactions will start online and finish offline

Challenges for Retail players

  • Sales cannibalization of offline operations
  • Discounted prices and margin pressure
  • Overstated Offline store-opening opportunities
  • Profit focus can be a disadvantage

And lastly, some predictions for the next 5 years…

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ASEAN ecommerce predictions for the next 5 years

To access the full report, click here.