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1. Tencent doubles down on Southeast Asia

Tencent, maker of WeChat and China’s most valuable tech company, is doubling down on its push into Thailand and the Southeast Asian region.

The Chinese giant has formed a joint venture with Ookbee, the firms announced today, investing US$19 million to turn the venture into a “content ecosystem” for digital media. Prior to this, Tencent also announced that it was investing in Thailand’s Sanook Online, a contents portal.

It seems that Thailand will be the place for Chinese giants to flex their power muscles.

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2. China’s BitSE’s blockchain technology used in fashion to fight counterfeits

In the same way that bitcoin’s blockchain is an immutable ledger of peer-to-peer transactions, VeChain creates a record and digital trace of physical items. Each item is given a unique ID, which is paired with either a NFC chip or a QR code, depending on the client’s requirements. That binds the item’s digital identity to real-world transactions.

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3. Vietnam retail ecommerce to reach $10 billion by 2020

Nguyen Thanh Hung, chairman of Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM), agreed that the development of mobile phones and applications had contributed to promoting purchasing activities.

Hung said the country’s e-commerce had been developing at a growth rate of 30% a year. “Businesses have quickly shifted from offline to online retail. Several are even totally doing business online,” he said.

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