zurich insurance launches ecommerce in indonesia for ramadan

Staying healthy during the Ramadan season is a growing concern for Muslims. Source: AFP

The Zurich Insurance Group has newly launched the “protect your mudik with a ZurichClick” program, an online platform to facilitate travelers in buying travel insurance using credit or debit cards. The program provides travel insurance, aiming for people who will journey back to their hometown during the Eid celebration holiday.

“Indonesians are still, for the most part, unprotected as seen on the low insurance penetration rates,” Zurich Indonesia president director Philippe Danielski.

The newly launched website is the answer of the growing customers who prefer the digital platform, he said.

Zurich Insurance’s move into online in Indonesia aligns with a growing regional trend. Other insurance companies are also tapping into the digital opportunity in Southeast Asia, for example Manulife in Thailand.

It’s also a common marketing strategy – testing that focuses on a specific population segment before scaling.

A version of this appeared in Jakarta Globe on June 17. Read the full article here.

Every year millions of Muslims prepare to fast from sunrise to sunset for the holy month of Ramadan, and while that would traditionally mean a time to switch off and live minimally with family and rituals, online consumption vastly only goes up. In effect, the shift in daily behavior due to Ramadan affects online habits in Indonesia. Google data recently released confirms this in an article by Nadine Freischlad that appeared in Tech in Asia. 

Ramadan related search trends starts to rise 1 week before fasting starts. Ecommerce marketers in Southeast Asian Muslim markets should consider starting promotions and online only specials right before Ramadan.

Ramadan affects online behavior

Ecommerce spikes. People receive their work bonuses around this time, according the the Ramadan Case Study by aCommerce, and as a result also have higher average basket sizes. Clothing grew by 29% and travel crew by 30% according to Google.


Entertainment online rises too. It’s not just a time for family. Streaming video peaks a week before the fasting month ends and ends at Lebaran. Mobile video goes up by 13%.


Food cravings run high, not surprisingly (even the most pious are prone to feel hungry after a day of no eating). Google found fourfold increase in search frequency for terms like “menu for breaking fast” and popular recipes.

Ramadan affects online behavior in Indonesia


Ramadan affects online behavior in Indonesia but how to make this useful in ecommerce? These trends are important for markers in ecommerce in Southeast Asia because with this data, one can pin point when, where, what and predict why their consumers are acting as they do.

“A smart way to win the Ramadan moment is to tweak the ads based on demand. Tailored ads with food & travel will be one of the way, but tapping the ads on the entertainment channels will be another important play,” said Aditya Jamaludin, Head of Marketing at aCommerce Indonesia, “In the end, timing is everything during Ramadan.”

Original version of this post may be viewed on Tech in Asia here.