As of now, 53% of the population in Southeast Asia — more than 339 million people — are online. There are more people with access to the internet than without and the number is expected to reach 480 million by 2020.

A survey conducted to 1600 people by Limelight Networks in four Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines) found that internet users are spending 16 hours per week on the internet outside of work purposes.

With so much time spent online, users are demanding more from their web experience and it is proven to affect their shopping decisions. What else was revealed from the survey?

16 hours doing what exactly?

From 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest internet activity, social media ranked almost 4. The second most popular was browsing through video heavy content sites like Youtube and news outlets.

Gaming sites and live streaming of sports events ranked the lowest in terms of online activity.

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Moreover, internet users in Southeast Asia are relying more on the internet for product research.

17% of them will even engage with a company’s official social media accounts to inquire about a product.

32% of social media users use their networks to check product recommendations from their friends and family.

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What keeps them glued online?

A smartphone is the dominant device used to access the internet in this region and laptop comes in second place.

84% of internet users expect a fast load time no matter how big the screen size of their device is.

43% of online shoppers state they will actually abandon the website, and buy from a competitor if the experience on the website is too slow.

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Despite a customer’s increasingly high standard,  77% said they would likely give the company  another try in the future given the chance.

Other important factors to consider when creating a positive web experience:

  • Fresh and updated content from a website (46%)
  • Fast performance (38%)
  • Personalised experience based on previous visits (67%) by providing relevant product recommendations

What does this mean for brands?

Word of mouth is your best friend.

91% of the customers would recommend your service/platform to a friend if they had a positive experience. Even from the stone ages, this has always been one of the most effective marketing tools.

customer web experience

Read the full report from Limelight Networks here.