What is BNK48?

BNK48 is a Thai idol girl group modeled after Japan’s AKB48. Consisting of 52 teen idol members, the Thai group recently rose to prominence and is currently into its second generation.

Who are the most popular BNK48 members?

With so many members, we looked at ecommerce analytics to rank them by popularity. Popularity here being measured using the following proxy metrics from the BNK48 official store on Shopee Mall. Data was provided by ecommerce analytics and reviews platforms BrandIQ and ReviewIQ, respectively.

  • Number of likes
  • Number of reviews
  • Average rating (out of 5 stars)


Specifically, we looked at ‘debut photoset’ SKUs as these have a version for each of the BNK48 members.


Based on the number of Likes, the top 5 BNK48 members are:

Based on the number of Reviews, the top 5 BNK48 members are:

Based on Average Rating, the top 5 BNK48 members are:

To be frank, average ratings are probably more a sign of product quality rather than the specific member’s relative popularity. However, we’ll include their average ratings here just for reference.

The top two members are Bamboo and Minmin, both tied with a 4.8 average. They are followed by 12 members tied for second place with a 4.7 average.

[table id=8 /]


This study was performed with the following limitations in mind:

  • BNK48 second generation has a total of 27 members, but the debut photoset SKUs available on the BNK48 Official Stop on Shopee Mall only covered 22 members
  • Data was collected and analyzed on September 10, 2018. Any other date may have shown or show different numbers
  • Quality of the actual debut photoset product may have influenced the number of purchases, therefore the number of reviews


  • Previously, few tools existed for brands to monitor and analyze the general consumer sentiment. With the increasing popularity of social media, brands started to pay more attention to metrics such as ‘likes’, with tools available to track these metrics
  • However, with ecommerce becoming a bigger part of our daily lives, brands should also look at ecommerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee as a rich and dynamic data set
  • With tools like BrandIQ and ReviewIQ, brands can track and analyze consumer behavior and sentiment on marketplaces, in addition to tracking their own performance as well as benchmarking against competitors selling similar products