Here’s what you should know today.

1. Thailand’s National bank reveals that most Thais don’t know debit cards can be used like credit cards

Bank of Thailand official Siritida Panomwon Na Ayudhya said that the national bank will start a campaign aimed at informing Thais about this useful service that is already included with their debit card contract.

Most Thais believe that the cards are only ATM cards, and that their function is limited to withdrawing cash at bank machines.

The national bank also plans to  install Electronic Draft Capture (EDC) devices in at least 560,000 stores nationwide by March of 2018, greatly increasing the places the cards can be used for everyday purchases.

The lack of awareness could also be why credit/debit card penetration is low for ecommerce purchases in Thailand.

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2. Amazon Fashion chief steps down

Cathy Beaudoin has decided to step down from her position as President of Amazon Fashion.

Beaudoin joined Amazon in 2008, was named president of Amazon Fashion in 2012.

The retailer has also made a bet that younger shoppers will buy clothes with less regard for their labels: Last year Amazon quietly launched seven new private label brands, with offerings that include men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, men’s dress shoes, and men’s and women’s accessories.

Amazon is hard pressed to address the fickleness of the apparel consumer, who may yet change their mind even when a shirt is made to order. And many consumers, including the very young members of Generation Z, still prefer to try on clothes in stores, appreciating the immediate touch, fit and feel opportunities and the satisfaction of walking out with a new clothing purchase.

That means that apparel retail may eventually be part of Amazon’s nascent but expanding brick-and-mortar strategy. It’s unclear whether Beaudoin’s departure has anything to do with any shift in strategy there, however.

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3. Y&R launches ecommerce consultancy in Southeast Asia

Advertising agency Y&R announced the launch of its new ecommerce consultancy in Southeast Asia, partnering Jon Sugihara, founder of companies such as loyalty platform Perx and PlayHawaii.

The services offered by the consultancy will depend on the client’s stage of ecommerce development, from early phase sales channel, assets and product pricing strategy to product evaluation, rating monitoring and content strategy.

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