Supplybunny Raises $300K To Connect Restaurants With Food Suppliers in Malaysia


Online marketplace Supplybunny recently secured $300,000 in seed funding from Shanghai based venture capital firm, Gobi Partners, reports Tech in Asia.

Supplybunny operates as an online marketplace that connects restaurant owners with wholesale food and beverage suppliers in Malaysia. The startup was founded by Tham Kengyew a year ago. Funds will be used to expand its team and boost marketing efforts.

Many restaurants are stuck in the old era of ordering kitchen supplies by phone or email, and paying by cash or check.

Supplybunny aims to change this in Malaysia.

Supplybunny makes ordering food supplies as easy as how consumers order meals online. The website features an inventory of what’s available, from canned goods to meat and fresh produce, and their prices per kilogram or pack.

It also serves as a directory of verified suppliers, giving users the ability to filter the data on the site by supplier name. For wholesalers, the site simplifies the billing process by eliminating the need to manually collate orders and chase invoices.

“Supplybunny offers a functional solution which fills an industry gap in reducing operational cost issues that suppliers regularly face while also providing a one-stop marketplace for restaurateurs to conveniently get all of their F&B supplies,” says Gobi Partners managing partner, Thomas Tsao.

Supplybunny has signed a partnership with Offpeak, a restaurant booking startup in Malaysia, also part of Gobi Partner’s portfolio. Under the partnership, Offpeak will introduce its existing base of over 1,600 partner restaurants to Supplybunny’s platform.

Supplybunny has plans for expansion in Southeast Asia.

A version of this appeared in Tech in Asia on August 23. Read the full version here