ecommerceIQ SPARK 40 – Top Individuals Shaping Southeast Asian Ecommerce in 2016

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ecommerceIQ is proud to wrap up the end of a successful year with “SPARK 40” – a compilation of the top ecommerce professionals who have contributed to shaping the industry in Southeast Asia.

It’s not only about funding. These businesses are solving long-term problems and hoping to be the ‘spark’ needed to clear roadblocks that restrict ecommerce growth – whether that be serving the unbanked, evolving their business models to cater to customer demands or being the first to tackle a new sector, we want to celebrate their success. Investment is only a supplementary criterion.

And while the industry benefit from their milestones, they continue to remind us that there is still a lot to do. Here is ecommerceIQ’s 2016 #SPARK40 list: Download here.

ecommerceIQ SPARK 40 | 2016

Thank you to our readers for your continuous support. We look forward to 2017.

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