eIQ Data: More Online Shoppers Acquired in Indonesia During Ramadan to Prepare for Eid

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Ramadan is heavily identified with shopping in Indonesia. A visit to malls during this month will reveal heavy discounts and promotions at every store. Midnight sales are especially abundant and held after people receive holiday bonuses to lure people to shop more.

The rise of e-retail options in the country has only made it easier for people to do their shopping whenever and wherever they are. Indonesia also passed the Halal Product Certification Bill in September 2014 that requires all products be halal-certified by 2019. Brands like Unilever and L’Oreal Indonesia have already begun to comply.

A case study conducted during Ramadan a few years ago shows that traffic to ecommerce websites peak at 4am as people woke up earlier during Ramadan to start their day.

What other behaviors are observed during Ramadan? aCommerce shares data from 11 ecommerce companies selling fashion and beauty products to understand shopper trends during Ramadan last year.  

More people are online during Ramadan

To seize the building momentum, ecommerce companies allocate more budget for marketing activities to drive traffic to their website. Below is an example:

Ramadan Shopping Behavior

Example of promotional banner on the website for Ramadan 2016

Ramadan Shopping Behavior

Promotional banner for Ramadan 2016 on Facebook

Results from last year show there was a 52% increase of website visitors and 60% newly acquired users during the month of Ramadan compared to the previous month. Many companies often offer exclusive promotions only if a user signs up on the website.

Ramadan Shopping Behavior

People are more likely to shop online in Ramadan compared to the months before and after.

Indonesians shop for Eid during work

Compared to the 40 days before Ramadan, the number of sessions on most websites surged to 4 times higher on the weekdays as people browsed during the day – traffic was noticeably higher during work hours.

Ramadan Shopping BehaviorMeanwhile, sessions on weekends are relatively the same overall as Indonesians typically spend more time with friends and family.

During the last week of Ramadan, the traffic surges begin to slow down as Indonesians know some merchants will undergo a “blackout period” where no packages are delivered around the time of Eid in preparation for Eid Exodus.

More men shop online than women

Ramadan Shopping Behavior

Contrary to popular belief, men were found to spend a longer time browsing online than women. However, females were almost twice as likely than men to convert during a web session.

Both sexes have a similar basket size of IDR 230,000 or $17 per transaction.

On average, the amount of time people spent per session  was 3% lower than average to 4.4 minutes and traffic and sales from desktop still dominated over mobile.

Desktop generated 76% of total sales on Ramadan, while mobile only generated 22.3%.

As we’re currently in the midst of the holy month of Ramadan, ecommerce companies should be aware of shopping trends to maximize their marketing budgets and add more value to their shoppers to build customer loyalty.  

For example, promotion activities should be scheduled during the weekdays when shoppers are proven to be at their most active and more focus should be spent on capturing a wider male audience as current online options are still not as abundant.  

Happy Eid shopping!

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