Pan-Asian Ecommerce Alliance

Indonesia hosted the 53rd meeting of Pan-Asian ecommerce Alliance (PAA) from August 9 to August 12 in Bandung, West Java, reports Republika. PAA is the alliance of companies with core business in ecommerce and e-business solutions who also acts as the trade facilitator in each country.

Pan-Asian Ecommerce Alliance goals

The Pan Asian ecommerce Alliance (“PAA”) aims to promote and provide secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and facilities to enhance seamless trade globally.

Since established in July 2000, PAA has developed the ecommerce sector to be one of the channels to increase the fluency of international trade, in accord to its vision to promote and provide a safe and trusted information technology (IT) infrastructure to support global trades activity.

PAA has 11 members in Asia Pacific countries: China (CIECC), Taiwan (Trade-Van), Hong Kong SAR (TradeLink), Japan (NACCS), Korea (KTNET), Macau SAR (TEDMEV), Malaysia (DagangNet), Singapore (Crimson Logic), Thailand (CAT Telecom), Philippines (InterCommerce) and Indonesia (PT EDI Indonesia).

The discussion is led by Francis Normal O Lopez as the Chairman of PAA and addressed the latest development of the projects that each member was responsible for. Among others are: Certificate of Origin (e-CO), Pan Asia Exchange (PAE), e-SPS, Advanced Filling Rule (AFR). According to E. Helmi Wantono, Director of PT EDI Indonesia,

An organization like PAA is crucial for Asia Pacific countries in creating the safe and quick cross-border trading.

Similar to Helmi, Lopez also relayed the importance of an accurate and trusted IT system (for cross border).

As B2B ecommerce experiences rapid growth in the region, companies need to adjust to the ever-changing needs of the customers. From client feedback, B2B businesses can focus on product differentiation to increase profitability. There were no concrete results published after the meeting. 

A version of this appeared in Republika on August 15. Read the full article in Bahasa here.

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