Note From ecommerceIQ: What to Expect From Us in 2017


Dear eIQ reader,

First of all, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site to read our articles in 2016. After reviewing the numerous responses to SPARK40 | 2016, we would like to address the most common comments:

  • Have more frequent posts 

We’re working hard to increase our content output without compromising quality. Our small editorial team combs through research and in our archives to provide the most accurate data to support our insights pieces.

We will aim to publish 3-4 original pieces a week so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to receive the eIQ weekly (coming soon).

  • Why is there not more up to date news?

Although we do share headline stories, ecommerceIQ focuses on bringing value as a market research portal over reporting ecommerce related news. To the companies sending us the latest press releases, we will review and include in our daily “Brief” when relevant.

  • Partnership opportunities 

For those who have contacted us in regards to advertising or possible partnerships, please take a look at our media kit to find out more about us – are we the right platform for your business? Will our audience of ecommerce professionals benefit from your content?

We have recently begun accepting sponsored posts and will review your proposal at You can expect a reply within 2 business days.

  • Looking for startup stories

Find them here in our ongoing interview series: eIQ Insider. If you know of any companies that deserve a spotlight, please send their contact details along and we will be more than happy to check them out.

What can you expect from us this year?

Last year, we reported on the state of Southeast Asia’s online maturity and the different types of opportunities available for both global and local businesses. These are a few examples:

  • ECOMScape series: Who are the biggest players in your market?
  • beautyIQ series: How can a brand optimize content and channels to perform better online?
  • Cainiao Network: Intensive dive into Alibaba’s plan to dominate logistics in China
  • SPARK40 | Individuals Shaping Ecommerce in 2016
  • The Brief: Round up of all the important daily ecommerce related headlines
  • 11 ecommerce trends for 2017
  • eIQ newsletter – sign up here if you haven’t

Now that most businesses understand the opportunity that presents itself, eIQ wants to dig deeper into the verticals and their forecasted performance for the next few years. We started with research on the pet and baby industry potential in Southeast Asia.

You can expect more research papers and case studies from us in the next few months and as always, reliable and trustworthy content.

We aim to continually provide ecommerce professionals like yourselves with valuable and insightful data-driven articles. Your feedback and comments are extremely important to us so thank you.

Ambitiously yours,

eIQ Editor-in-Chief and team