New Zealand Marketplace FishPond Leapfrogs its Own eTail Site, Sells Through MatahariMall


Indonesian ecommerce marketplace MatahariMall will begin to sell products from Fishpond, New Zealand’s largest online marketplace to local Indonesian consumers, reports Jakarta Globe.

Through, Fishpond will be targeting at least 1 million products to Indonesian customers until the end of 2017 in an effort to reach the country’s growing middle class sectors. Fishpond is considered to be New Zealand’s version of Amazon, combining products from their own warehouses with products from third-party sellers.

Hadi Wenas, MatahariMall’s Chief Executive Officer comments, initially planned to establish a company here [Indonesia], but instead they chose to build a business with MatahariMall.

The first steps of the partnership will see Fishpond delivering books, kitchenware and toys to MatahariMall via New Zealand based platform Worldfront. The platform connects approximately 100,000 suppliers through various marketplaces, and uses a vast number of logistics providers.

Worldfront serves around 500 million consumers and allows them to have real time access to information regarding stock levels and manages the destination country’s specific customs regulations.

The mutually beneficial partnership will also allow MatahariMall to sell local products on Fishpond in the near future.

This partnership aligns with the Indonesian government’s ambitious target for the ecommerce industry to generate $130 billion in revenue by 2020 from $18 billion in 2015.

A version of this appeared in The Jakarta Globe on July 18. Read the full version here.