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Here’s what you should know today:

1. Facebook launches Watch, a tab dedicated for video content 

Facebook redesigned its video platform and renamed it ‘Watch’ to replace the current video tab. Over time the, tab will become personalised to users’ interest.

At the moment, Facebook is financing creators to make some shows appear in the Watch tab as to seed the app with original content.

But in the future, the company plans to make money by taking 45% of revenues generated by ads in this platform.

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2. Softbank backs Flipkart in a record investment for India tech company

Flipkart confirmed that Softbank has invested in its business through Softbank’s $100 billion Vision Fund,

The deal will be part of an extension to Flipkart’s $1.4 billion financing round last April which counts Microsoft, Tencent and eBay among the backers.

Both companies didn’t disclose the details of the deal but hint that it’s the largest investment in India tech company and also put Softbank as one of the largest shareholders.

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3. Co-working space marketplace FlySpaces secured $2.1 million pre-series A

Manila-based Flyspaces has secured $2.1million in pre-series A round led by angel investor Raymond Rufino, co-president of commercial property manager Net Group.

The company is planning to use the money to further develop its technology and fund its expansion in the region, especially Indonesia.

FlySpaces calls itself an “Airbnb for office and retail spaces”. It plays the role of middlemen between the property owner and the renter and take a cut of the booking fees.

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