Here’s what you should know today.

1. Indonesian micro-lender Amartha scores funding from major bank

Indonesian peer-to-peer lending firm Amartha said today it’s raised a series A investment led by Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI), the VC fund of Indonesia’s largest bank by assets, Bank Mandiri.

In 2016, Amartha changed its business model to P2P lending, allowing individuals, not only banks, to become investors on the site.

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2. Supply chain firm Tigers launches ecommerce 

Supply chain company Tigers has launched an online shopping portal that allows companies to sell their products in China and Southeast Asia. As well as listing products, Tigers’ eShop takes payments, offers supply chain management, order fulfillment and returns.

“We can provide fiscal representation to SMEs wanting to enter the Chinese market, especially those without a presence there,” said Andrew Jillings, Tigers CEO.

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3. Recommended Reading: How an army of postmen is turning China’s rural stores into the world’s largest retail network

Let’s say you’re a beer firm wanting to optimize distribution when demand rises on an unusually hot April day. Ecommerce platform Ule knows where to send your trucks. Or imagine you’re Chanel and you want to know which 44- to 48-year-old women, in villages a few hours from the nearest city, have today bought a Dior product.

Ule’s data can potentially identify them, perhaps allowing you to send a Chanel discount voucher to their phone.

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