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1. Thailand Stock Exchange to launch blockchain based marketplace

SET’s senior vice president Santi Kiranand said, the marketplace was not a trading board as there was no regulator to verify their business quality like the SET and the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI).

Startups that want to mobilise funds from this board are required to register with the authorities, run business with transparency and have a single financial account.

Due to high risks on investment, only institutional, high net-worth investors and venture capital funds are allowed to invest on this board.

The norms for the marketplace would be finalised next month.

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2. spins out its financial services business

JD Finance, the financial services business belonging to Alibaba competitor, is going independent. is divesting its entire 68.6% stake for 14.3 billion RMB, or around $2.1 billion. The deal will see the ecommerce firm take 40% of JD Finance’s pre-taxi profits once its business once it has positive pre-tax income.

The move to independence hedges any risk that investors may feel around JD Finance, which was valued at $7.1 billion at the time of last year’s financing.

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3. eMarketer: Lazada dominates Southeast Asia – for now

For now, much of the ecommerce activity and web traffic in Southeast Asia is dominated by one large ecommerce retailer—Lazada Group.

SimilarWeb’s figures for Thailand showed that Lazada claimed almost 41 million monthly page views during December. That was more than 16 times the number garnered by, the second-place finisher.

With Amazon poised to enter Southeast Asia sometime this year, and the incoming buzz of Korean e-marketplace 11street, Southeast Asia’s B2C landscape could very well look different by the end of 2017.

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