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1. Pinterest users can now jump to other products within an image

The company today said it’s launching a new feature that allows users to find and jump to additional products within a photo they’re currently viewing. So, for example, if a search for a jacket brings up an image of someone wearing that jacket, Pinterest will also identify other products like the jeans and shoes they’re wearing.

If Pinterest can continue to build those new advertising products and decrease the amount of effort it takes to get to a new product, it’ll be able to make a better sell to its marketing partners.

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2. Southeast Asian startups saw $2.2 billion funding dip in 2016

Fewer deals in 2016 were predictably accompanied by a drop in overall funding. If we take away the outliers of major rounds by Grab and Go-jek — Grab raised $750 million and Go-jek nabbed over $550 million — startups raised $2.2 billion less than they did in 2015.

Source: e27

Overall, there were fewer deals inked between 2015 and 2016, a trend which e27 believe will continue into 2017. However, the amount of money raised remained relatively stagnant, meaning getting money may be harder, but the cheque should be larger.

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3. Recommended Reading: How traditional retail brands are going online in Southeast Asia

More traditional retailers in emerging countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand are transforming into multi-channel retailers.

“Understanding unit economics and having the efficiency in terms of fulfillment and deliveries is critical for you to gain profitability; otherwise you accumulate a lot of loss when you’re taking in customers and losing them.” Said Binoo Joseph, technology head of digital ventures at Tesco Retail.

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