Welcome back from the weekend! Here are today’s top ecommerce news.

1. Amazon is now bigger than most brick and mortar retailers put together

The online retailer alone is worth $356 billion, making it one of the largest companies by market capitalization in the world. Following Amazon’s disruption, US retailers such as JC Penny and Sears took a hit, with decreases in value.

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2. Priceza Research: Consumer behaviour and shopping trends in Southeast Asia

Shopping search engine Priceza has recently published a report on consumer behaviour and popular categories in ecommerce. The report conveyed a steady growth in the volume of shopping search and pricing comparison made from 2015.

Priceza Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam reported over 7 million sessions during the mentioned period and sees a growth of over 245% from the previous year.

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3. Catcha Group’s Patrick Grove’s 7 predictions for Southeast Asia

  • Southeast Asia will become a bigger internet market than America
  • This is the year for China
  • Funding will be scarce.

Read Grove’s predictions in detail here.

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