Here’s what you need to know this Friday morning.

1. Berrybenka will use its new funds to launch offline stores

This year, the website plans to open 20 offline pop-up stores, along with permanent offline stores in Indonesia, following its ‘eight figure’ funding round.

Why offline stores? BerryBenka wants to introduce new services, such as ordering online but picking up in-store. Customers can try on the clothes at the store, and only pay for those they like.

What else? The website also plans to launch a chatbot this year called Stella. It will be able to handle customer complaints and inquiries on the platform.

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2. Alipay is acquiring MoneyGram in its boldest move into the US

What? Alipay is buying MoneyGram for $880 million, its boldest move yet in a series of partnerships and investments that signal an international ambition.

What executives are saying: “The acquisition of MoneyGram is a significant milestone in our mission to bring inclusive financial services to users around the world,” Ant Financial CEO Eric Jing.

What is MoneyGram?: A direct competitor with Western Union and a Walmart transfer partner. Having MoneyGram under its umbrella would give Ant and its affiliates a foothold to serve non-Chinese consumers.

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3. Listen up marketers: MailChimp launches support for Facebook campaigns

MailChimp has been offering its users an easy way to manage and run their email marketing campaigns. Now, for the first time in its long history, the company is going beyond email marketing

What is it doing? It has launched a new tool that will allow users to create Facebook ad campaigns from the existing MailChimp dashboard.

Why? 16% of its more than 15 million users are ecommerce companies, a number that has increased 46% over the last year. Most customers are probably using MailChimp and Facebook ads, so this will be an effective synergy.

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