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1. Line is losing users, but making more money than ever

The messaging app announced today that it lost three million users from October to December, stumbling from 220 million to 217 million. The bad news comes six months after Japan-based Line IPO’d in a dual listing in Tokyo and New York, debuting with a US$9 billion valuation. That has since fallen to US$8 billion.

Line is more dependent than ever on its four main user bases in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia, who now make up 77% of its audience, up from 67.3% a year prior.

But its making more money? The app makes most of its money from ads, gaming, and stickers . The company has seen its total revenue in 2016 hit $1.2 billion, up 17 points from the year before.

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2. Facebook Messenger begins to test ads in Australia & Thailand

What? Facebook today is beginning to test integrating ads into its mobile messaging app’s user interface. The company says it will launch what it characterizes as a “very small test” in Australia and Thailand. This will allow businesses to place ads on the Messenger home screen.

How? The link to ads can direct users to click & learn more about the business, or signing up for a service.

Why do people like Messenger? People like to reach out to businesses via Messenger because it’s a more efficient way of asking questions and getting customer service.

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3. Indonesia’s Mimpi launches luxury mattress only sold online 

Mimpi, a tech-startup in Jakarta will launch the Mimpi Mattress in less than 33 days. It’s a luxury mattress sold exclusively online in Indonesia for an affordable price.

The startup allows for a free 100 day home try on exchange program, and can be shipped in a box or delivered with white glove service.

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