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1. Jack Ma: We should be worried about a trade war

Yesterday at the World Economic Forum, Jack Ma said that China should give President elect Donald Trump time to settle in before reacting to his rhetoric.

Why? Ma’s comments were a response to China’s President Xi Jinping’s proclaim of China’s commitment to free trade, warning the President elect against going down the path of protectionism.

What else was said? “Amazon is an empire. We want to build an ecosystem and help other companies grow to be the next Amazons,” said Ma.

When asked between choosing his company or averting a trade war, Ma responded, “I would shut Alibaba down. Everyone should do everything they have to, to make sure a trade war doesn’t happen.”

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2. Tax incentives planned for Thailand’s digital park

The government plans to offer enhanced tax incentives for startups and global technology firms that establish a presence in Thailand’s first digital park.

What do the incentives include? An eight year corporate income tax exemption & an additional five year 50% reduction after the exemption expires.

Why? The incentive package is aimed at attracting more foreign investment in data centers, R&D facilities with the goal of promoting Thailand as ASEAN’s digital infrastructure hub.

What is a ‘digital innovation park’? The government initially set three main areas for the project: a digital innovation center, innovation research center and residence facility center.

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3. Brands are on Snapchat but most are inactive 

The study found that “…many brands have struggled to produce content for the platform. Inactivity persisted throughout 2016—only 70% of accounts were active (posted within the past month) in January 2016, and only 67% were active in October 2016.”

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4. Recommended reading: Do digital brands need physical stores?

A new generation of more nimble digital players is seeing increased opportunity in physical retail. The final months of 2016 saw a flurry of offline activity from retailers that were born digital.

“Physical stores add something unique and different to our growth that’s beneficial to our business.”

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