Here’s what you should know this morning:

1. Anchanto launches new software to help merchants sell online across borders

Ecommerce and logistics company Anchanto has launched a new software platform that helps merchants, brands, and distributors sell products on a multitude of marketplaces.

Users can manage their inventory and simultaneously upload their listings to several ecommerce websites, including Lazada, Matahari, and Flipkart. They no longer have to repeat the process for each individual site, effectively cutting down the process.

Anchanto targets both smaller sellers that have fewer than 1,000 sales per month as well as large brands and distributors.

Many new technologies promise to ease the difficulty of channel management, but hardly any truly deliver.

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2. Amazon tests food stamps, another breach of Wal-Mart territory

Amazon will begin accepting food stamps to pay for online grocery orders as part of a pilot program. The program could represent an opportunity for Amazon, which has typically ceded the lower-income food market to Walmart.

Grocery items can be ordered on Amazon by paying a delivery fee.

Why? Amazon may feel the need to position itself to cover the full gamut of grocery customers.

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3. Letgo raises $175 million financing for its used goods marketplace

The would-be craigslist killer has raised at least $325 million to tackle the US market.

What sets them apart? Letgo’s decision not to charge for its service is a time-tested strategy for battling giants in online retail. The company has also introduced an automatic tagging and listing feature using software that allows users to upload products to the online marketplace more easily.

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