Here’s what you should know for Tuesday morning.

1. Alibaba unites with Louis Vuitton and Samsung to clean up its reputation

Alongside partners including Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Mars, the company announced the Alibaba Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance on Monday. The Alliance will use machine learning and other technologies to identify and remove counterfeit goods from its platforms.

By working with high-profile names like Samsung and Louis Vuitton, they’ve found significant allies in a bid to go global and attract reputable brands.

Why are they doing this? This is a good PR move to salvage the reputation that was earned last year, especially following Taobao’s re-entry into the US’s notorious markets list.


2. StorePower helps groceries deliver without giving away the keys to the store

A startup called StorePower wants to take a bite out of the grocery delivery business by giving supermarkets an alternative to working with courier marketplaces like Instacart, Postmates, Amazon Fresh or Google Express.

How? Chicago based StorePower’s technology helps grocery stores of any size take orders from customers and arrange for in-store pickup or delivery. Customers can order by text message.

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3. Cambodia pushes for ecommerce initiative

As a coordinator of a group of least developed countries (LDCs), Cambodia has plans to encourage countries within the group to implement elements of their own “ecommerce” initiative to further their advancement.

Commerce minister Pan sarosak says: “In trade, we are also doing very well, so we try to help those countries benefit as much as they can in terms of trade with Cambodia as chairman and coordinator.”

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