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1. Amazon launches new credit card for Prime members

Amazon announced its latest benefit for Amazon Prime members: an Amazon Prime credit card that offers 5% off every Amazon purchase, plus multiple other benefits. The credit card works on a point system. For every purchase you make, points accrue based on the spending category, with $1 spent yielding 100 points.

Why is Amazon offering this?

Amazon wants to increase its Prime membership base, which has been a major profitability and growth engine for Amazon (the company says Prime members spend twice as much as regular members given the unlimited free shipping) and an effective strategy to retain its customer base.

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2. Alibaba Cloud, NUS and EZ-Link tie-up for big data initiative in Singapore

In a tie-up between three organisations, Alibaba Cloud, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the city-state’s card-based wallet system, EZ-link, announced a Memorandum of Understanding to boost big data capabilities.

According to Nicholas Lee, the CEO of EZ-Link, the company hopes the deal will improve the card’s cashless payment options and make it a driving characteristic of the system.

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3. Ecommerce chatter: How to identify the right products to drop ship

With the rise of dropshipping and the relative ease that an ecommerce store can be created, niche shops have become the trend.It quickly turned from an ecommerce novelty to a proven, successful strategy.

  • Don’t fight the big stores.
  • Avoid too broad and general categories.
  • The masses are already exposed to thousands of offers daily.

Look to supply niche products that are underserved by larger players. For example, there is no specific interest group for a normal belt, but you can easily tell that cycling gear will resonate well with cycling enthusiasts. Find your niche.

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