Here are the headlines you should know for today.

1. Digital currencies are here to stay

Financial institutions in Indonesia should brace themselves as cryptocurrency is gaining popularity in the largest economy in Southeast Asia with no intention of slowing down.

Bitcoin Indonesia currently has 250,000 members, up from 80,000 at the end of 2015, with a daily transaction value of Rp 20 billion ($1.48 million).

The presence of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or EDinar Coin, could help support the Indonesian government’s plan to create a cashless society.

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2. Recommended Reading: What every entrepreneur should know about doing business in Bangkok

This is a fairly universal concept, but takes on new meaning in the developing world and Thailand in particular. “Right now there are more investors than there are builders in Southeast Asia, that’s crazy!” Says Paul Srivorakul, founder and CEO at aCommerce.

‘You need to build local and defensible.’

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3. Social media boosts success of e-tailer Asos

Asos is continually future-proofing the business, ensuring it can cope with increased demand as it expands globally. The strong growth in international sales, particularly in the US as a result of the weak pound, means Asos will have to keep up with order fulfillment as the retailer expands.

Part of the reason behind the consistent Asos success is the way it successfully targets customers with creative email and social media marketing on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. The retailer also offers attractive delivery options such as Asos Premier.

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