Here’s what you should know for today.

1. Indogen Capital is Indonesia’s newest venture fund

The fund has already signed three deals. Two are with Indonesian startups Ahlijasa and HijUp. The third is with Insight Medica from Singapore.

The fund only at companies that are beyond the seed stage, and typically invest between US$150,000 to 500,000. Indogen capital has five founders, one is Leontinus Alpha Edison, who co-founded Tokopedia.

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2. CapBridge Investment Trust (CIT) launches in Singapore

The fund will manage sub-trust funds, the first of which is the Pre-IPO Fund targeting $100 million. It’ll allow institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies, and mutual funds to invest in venture capital-backed startups.

The fund will invest only in startups that already have lead investors and meet criteria such as a revenue track record and minimum financing previously raised.

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3. 11street claims early success following Thailand launch

Korea’s ecommerce marketplace 11street says it has served more than 150,000 Thai shoppers with transactions worth more than over $5 million (200 million baht) since its soft launch in Thailand in mid December.

11street Thailand currently has more than 9,000 Thai and international sellers.

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4. Community Chatter: What are Jeff Bezos’s biggest mistakes as the CEO of Amazon

Is one big mistake that Amazon is making right now about the fact that they’re not giving access to data, customer relationships and logins? Auren Hoffman, SafeGraph CEO has pointed this out on his Quora account. 

Hoffman says: Amazon has done everything to hold the data for its own use only. It is super protective of the data. It is the only company I know of that masks and regularly changes its email receipts so companies like Google have a hard time reading them.

It has worked for Amazon so far, but time will tell whether they will be one day blindsided by a more open data system.

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