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Market Insights

Access over 50 Billion Data Points to Unlock Insights on Your Brands CategoriesMarketshareDigital Shelf Customer VoicesWinning Keywords

The unfair competitive advantage to turbocharge your e-commerce with sales data that matters.

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Outsmart your competitors using the data that we harvest

We started harvesting e-commerce data in 2017 and have since built a depth of data and a breadth of market insights where others are just starting out. EIQ Market Insights (formerly BrandIQ) provides you with deep category and competitor sales data and trends, near real-time price intelligence and buyer sentiment.

Per day, Market Insights is harvesting data from
50K +
8K +
Data points

Built to support you

See how EIQ Market Insights benefits you and your organization.

Drive your business towards your goals

Get access to a complete toolset that allows you to benchmark your staff and partners, stay on top of the game, get visibility on new trends, and skate where the puck is going.

Gain visibility on marketplace trends

Spot new business opportunities

Strengthen your brand’s positioning

Focus on key areas of improvement

Marketplace strategy for the right actions

Unpack the secrets of bundles and assortments. Dive into seasonality pricing on a product level to create winning strategies and attain the best margins

Measure performance across marketplaces

Detect category trends and opportunities

Monitor competition and benchmark performance

Evaluate contribution across seller types

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Optimize your search and conversions

Effectively and efficiently optimize your search and conversions through best practices of each marketplace
You can see which type of content and keyword are winners. Spend marketing dollars on those that drive highest ROI.

Understand each marketplace’s structure and guidelines

Optimize search keywords which are relevant to your brand

Provide content which is informative and easily digestible by your consumers

Invest your marketing budgets with the right keywords

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Deliver essential insights

Drive and assess the right metrics to deliver essential insights to continuously improve business performance

Tap into well-organized historical data analysis to predict the future. Information at hand brings you closer to the win.

Measure marketplace performance

Benchmark against key competitors

Analyze growth metrics effectively

Build centralized reports to support internal teams

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Experience how Market Insights brings intelligence to your brands

Use EIQ Market Insights for budgeting, planning and strategizing for your brands, for growing your business: insights across product assortments, pricing history, category- and SKU-level sales performance, digital shelf, and customer sentiments.

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Fully-packed features to drive your brand planning with data

Deep-level data collection and machine learning power EIQ Market Insights. Our recommendation engine processes, computes, and relays activities that help you translate insights into actions.

Market share analysis Competitor Benchmarking Trending Analysis

Assess your marketplace strategy and take the right actions

Decode trends, benchmarks and contributions from other players as well as past performance to build your category winning strategy.

Measure performance across marketplaces

Detect category trends and opportunities

Monitor competition and benchmark performance

Evaluate contribution across seller types

SKU analysis Assortment planning

Maintain a high performing assortment and availability-to-purchase to grow and sustain revenues

Build high performing product assortment, bundles and availability-to-purchase to grow and sustain revenues. Learn new practices from other players in the market.

Identify high performing SKUs

Track competition’s assortment strategy

Monitor stock inventory

Evaluate assortments across various seller types to identify gaps and opportunities

Promotion analysis Campaign planning Pricing strategy

Compete effectively against competition and ensure pricing/promotion compliances

Tap into over 4 years of SKU daily pricing and promotions data to maximize your profitability across seasonalities. Compete effectively whilst meeting price & promotion compliance needs.

Monitor your assortment pricing

Track promotions and benchmarks

Gain competitive insights on pricing strategy

Create offers which work for your brand

Want a real-time price monitoring tool? Try our Price Intelligence.
Marketplace SEO Visibility tracking Product optimization

Know your product ranking and get more visibility in Marketplaces search

Discover full ranges of keywords and how your brands rank. Optimize keywords that matter the most to draw a larger audience.

Improve content optimization to yield higher results

Benchmark against key competitors

Monitor competitive SKUs for competing keywords

Take smarter decisions on organic vs paid search

Content optimization Increase visibility Conversion optimization

Drive your PDPs towards building the perfect page for your consumers

Drive your PDPs towards high conversions page by customers. Leverage best practice from other high performance players to replicate the perfect pages.

Optimize your titles and descriptions to improve search ranking

Maintain consistent content quality across SKUs

Follow the best practices on content across marketplaces

Improve conversions by providing content that’s relevant to your consumers

Sentiment analysis Expectation management

Stay on top of your consumer’s sentiments and feedback to continuously offer the best experience

Learn your customers’ sentiments towards your brands and products. Get valuable feedback to continuously offer the best experience.

Understand consumer sentiments and identify what’s important to them

Benchmark ratings and reviews across your store and competition

Identify poorly performing SKUs and pinpoint areas for improvement

Build credibility and social proofs of your brand and assortment

Real-time Price Intelligence

Monitor your competitor’s pricing and sales throughout the day. Follow their every move, so you can make real-time decisions for your own pricing and campaigns.

See product prices and sales performance of your competitors, your official stores and grey-market sellers

Examine historical pricing data as well as product price fluctuations throughout time

Track and benchmark your campaign-products performance

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Enterprise-grade SAAS

Powered by the technology that will help you succeed

Machine Learning is a foundation to our key features. It processes, computes, and relays action that you can simply follow. Our recommendation engine is the heart & soul of our product.

No Set up Required

Turnkey Technology

Unlimited SKUs Tracked

What our Clients say

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

“Brands that start slow are brands that are losing out. Market Insights may seem costly at first but compared to the revenue; it will be long-term profitability.”

Sales Director - Kimberly Clark

“Market Insights shows us the change in behavior among the online shoppers. They begin to search for a product on e-marketplaces, instead of search engines. Each marketplace has a different algorithm, but all of them are showing the search results based on the sales.”

Business Unit Director – JD Central

“The marketplace’s algorithm shows sales, campaign’s activeness, content, ratings, review quality, both positive and negative, and how can brands tackle them. These are all of the aspects that brands must be able to manage on Market Insights”

Business Strategy Manager - Google

Experience the intelligence Market Insights adds to your brands

Grow your sales with the analytics across product assortments, pricing history, SKU-level sales performance, digital shelf, and customer sentiments

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Frequently asked questions

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Our data is updated either daily, weekly, or once a month, depending on the plan that the client has subscribed to:

  • Paid clients’ subscribed brands receive daily updates
  • LazMall tag brands receive weekly updates
  • The rest receive monthly updates

Yes, the Market Insights platform can separate data points by seller type and product category. This will depend on the analysis the user is trying to conduct.

Market Insights was designed entirely through close collaboration with many leading global brands and their users. We have carefully thought out our user interface and the user experience journey. You will not be able to customize Market Insights. However, we can customize the report based on your preferences, our business intelligence team can provide you with a customized report. You can reach out to our customer success manager for further requests.

In these instances, we make adjustments to our structure based on the data that is made available to us by the marketplace and generate the analyses accordingly.

aCommerce operates on a strict policy of not using internal data from brands. Our core value respects that internal data is proprietary to brands and marketplaces. Thus, Market Insights does not collect internal data from brands. All our data is based on crawlers that collect data only from marketplaces’ front-end interfaces such as their websites.

In measuring market size, we have to rely on estimates due to limitations in data collection as a result of the marketplaces’ website structure. We are positive that this process will improve in the future as the marketplaces continue to improve their “brand tagging” process and become more friendly with external APIs.