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What is LEAP?


LEAP stands for “Leadership Ecommerce Accelerator Program” and is a curriculum created by ecommerceIQ and Sasin SEC to provide the advanced knowledge and skills needed for professionals to do ecommerce successfully in Southeast Asia.

ecommerceIQ is Southeast Asia’s leading market research portal dedicated to ecommerce and whose Network consists of leaders from eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Trend Watching, BCG, and more.

Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University is one of Thailand’s most prominent MBA programs and established since 1982.


As the leading business school in Thailand, Sasin always aims to equip its students and alumni with the latest knowledge to drive success. With ecommerce and technology disrupting many industries, we’ve partnered with ecommerceIQ to offer our students the opportunity to thrive in this fast-growing space.”

Nick Pisalyaput, Co-founder of The Sasin Entrepreneurship Center 

Topics addressed at LEAP 2017


The training program was aimed to provide you with the knowledge and skillset required to either launch a successful online business or propel your current organization’s digital strategy to the next level.

During the 10-week program, attendees had the chance to learn from the ecommerce industry leaders, including aCommerce, Central Group, eatigo, Kerry Logistics, L’Oreal, Kerry Logistics, and Pomelo among others.

Each module is focused on teaching one of the pillars of ecommerce. Here are the topics addressed at LEAP 2017:

The first module kicked off to offer a better understanding of the ecommerce opportunity in Southeast Asia and gauge the business to ensure that it is product-market fit. The second module informs the attendees about what they must know about setting up an ecommerce website or starting a trade partnership with e-marketplaces.

The third module was all about digital marketing and the related case studies about the digital marketing evolution in Southeast Asia from the giants. As it is a big subject, digital marketing was discussed in a total of 9 classes that mentioned digital marketing tools and content marketing. The module finished with a case study on retail marketing strategy by Central Marketing Group, a sharing session about building a healthy business from eatigo, and an interactive session where we dissected business models of the attendees.

The fourth module addressed the role and trends of mobile commerce, app marketing and a case study by Central Online on omnichannel retail. The fifth module talked about fulfillment and logistics which ran for 6 classes. It also included a case study from Pomelo and an introduction to market expansion in Southeast Asia by ShopBack.

The sixth module was about building lasting impressions of consumers. This module was also joined by Korn Chatikavanij, former Finance Minister of Thailand, President of Thai Fintech Club who talked about the government’s involvement in pushing Thailand 4.0. As we put the knowledge to action in the seventh module, attendees also had the chance to visit aCommerce’s fulfillment center where it was preparing for the holiday sales (11.11).

Watch LEAP 2017 classes in motion here.


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LEAP Ecommerce Course Southeast Asia
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