Konsula Launches Medical Marketplace Model, Moves Healthcare Services Online in Indonesia

Konsula Brings Healthcare Ecommerce To Indonesia

Healthcare ecommerce will modernize the industry and possibly cut down waiting room time. Source: Straits Times

Jakarta based startup Konsula, previously a healthcare directory, has announced its entry into ecommerce with the launch of Konsula e-Store, reports Digital News Asia. Its ecommerce launch is establishing the company into being one of the first health marketplaces in the country.

Currently, Konsula has on board 300 merchants who offer skin and beauty treatments, dental and pregnancy care, extending to medical checkup services. Konsula e-Store will act as an online platform for healthcare services, and differentiates themselves by offering a shoppable ecommerce aspect to the platform.

Konsula currently has 2,800 and 900 doctors listed in its directory, including 20 doctors on its telemedicine platform.

We want to break open the access to healthcare by leveraging technology-first in Indonesia, and eventually regionally- Shinta Nurfauzia, Konsula Co-Founder and CEO.

The ecommerce store will be available for Android and iOS platforms, and will enable users to access Konsula’s healthcare directory, telemedicine service and ecommerce store. The ecommerce store, users will be able to look for deals and services offered by hospitals, clinics and Konsula’s merchants.

Don’t mistake Konsula’s medical marketplace as the Groupon of healthcare, as its ecommerce store is not deals centric. Discounts will only be offered when there is a special event. Their main service will be allowing users to pay for a specific healthcare service through Konsula’s platform, which will then supply the user with an electronic voucher. The user can then bring the voucher to the clinic for treatment.

Currently, Konsula offers healthcare  services such as dental treatments, medical checkup packages and skin laser treatments, but they are aiming to expand into healthy lifestyle products, including gym memberships in September.

Raising Awareness For Healthcare Ecommerce

Some of the merchants on Konsula’s ecommerce store are state owned. For example, KFD, the clinical laboratory arm of pharmaceutical company PT Kimia Farma Tbk, is a state owned enterprise that has had ecommerce aspirations, but cannot afford to build its own platform. Therefore, partnering with healthcare focused startups is a mutually beneficial as they are both working towards the same goal.

Telemedicine has also exposed more doctors to a larger platform of patients. Doctors on Konsula can be anywhere at any time, and still be able to consult patients through technology.

Konsula is establishing itself as a healthcare ecommerce pioneer despite the fact that the digitalizing of healthcare services is ridden with regulation issues.

A version of this appeared in Digital News Asia on June 29. Read the full article here.