Google launches shop the look

Google has just launched a feature called Shop the Look to bring outfits posted by fashion bloggers into search results, reports Tech Crunch.

One initial threat to Google Search was that the majority of today’s content lives inside social applications such as Instagram and Snapchat, which means it cannot be easily indexed to show in search results.

The search engine’s newest feature may be what it needs to compete with social media sites already venturing into shoppable platforms.

How Google’s Shop the Look works

Google sources content, and shows the links to buy clothes featured in the content from rewardStyle’s LIKEtoKNOWit, a company that allows fashion bloggers to make money from social posts. They do this by helping influencers send followers an affiliate link to buy the products featured in their social posts.

Users can search Google for an outfit, and the platform will pull in images from social influencers that match that outfit description.

Once users tap on the image, it will pull up a gallery with each item of clothing featured in the picture, as well as a link to purchase it. Google is also integrating Shop the Look with its ‘Shopping campaigns & ads’ product, meaning retailers can create an ad for an article of clothing to potentially appear in these results.

This move is big for Google as they could potentially steal search traffic away from Instagram. By including their content, they have the opportunity to have their content seen by a lot more people.

As the partnership with rewardStyle is still in its early stages, the two companies haven’t finalized a revenue sharing agreement yet.

A version of this appeared in TechCrunch on September 7. Read the rest of the story here

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