Facebook Tops $1B Revenue For The First Time In Asia Without The Help of The Chinese


In a record high, Facebook pulled in just over US$1 billion in revenue from the Asia-Pacific region, reports Tech In Asia.

The $1.03 billion figure for Q2 has more than doubled from the $431 million Facebook pulled in from the region exactly two years ago. Majority brought in by advertising and the impressive milestone was reached without any help from China’s vast population as Facebook is blocked there.

Facebook’s Data

  • Daily users in Asia reached 346 million
  • Monthly active users in Asia reached 592 million
  • Average revenue per user in Asia grew to $1.77
Source: Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook

Facebook and its brands’ global reach. Source: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook

Facebook’s bottom line is benefiting from a lot of Chinese companies that are using its ad platform to reach customers around the world. 

Even Chinese state media is using Facebook as part of its soft power reach to the world.

The money Facebook makes from Europe has also doubled in the past two years, while in the US and Canada it has nearly tripled in the same period.

Facebook has made aggressive moves into Southeast Asia this year, choosing Thailand as the country to test its social commerce pilot project due to the popularity of C2C commerce in the country. The company has also announced the integration of ecommerce into Facebook Messenger in the form of Chat Bots; allowing users to communicate with brands and merchants on the chat platform, users can make payments and confirm delivery on the space as well.

2016 is shaping up to be a very good year indeed for Zuckerberg and co.

A version of this appeared in Tech In Asia on July 28.  Read the full version here.