Evisa Asia Launches App to Make Visa Applications Easy for Citizens of 40+ Countries


Evisa Asia has launched a travel visa application in Kuala Lumpur to provide visa requirement, visa product and services that cater to citizens of 40 countries worldwide, reports e27.

The app currently offer 40 products consisting of electronic visa, pre-filled form, visa sticker, invitation letter and approval letter.

One of their services, “Embassy Trip”, which requires pickup of passport, is available to Malaysian citizens only for the moment.

Malaysian citizens would require a visa to visit nearly half of the places in the Asian continent.

Evisa Asia’s products and services are specifically created to meet visa needs as such.

Evisa utilizes a single universal form which caters to single or multiple applications, simultaneously. Evisa Asia also provides passport drive-thru facilities for clients to drop off their passports alongside passport photo conversion, via a selfie photo.

Formerly, a China visa is obtained either via a travel agent or by personally going through an application process. This travel visa app gives users an alternative by filling up a form (via app) then wait for their passport to be collected and delivered back safely alongside a visa sticker in the earliest time.

“We want to make travel visa application as easy as booking a flight. The Cambodia electronic visa project inspired us to find a way to solve visa problems for Asia,” says Lee Earn Pin, Co-Founder of Evisa Asia.

Evisa Asia was founded back in 2006, where they built the government’s first electronic visa system. The company’s first visa office-Passport-drive-thru is currently based in Malaysia.

A version of this appeared in e27 on August 18. Read the full version here.