Ericsson and Malaysian Foundation To Provide High Speed Mobile Broadband to Wetlands


Ericsson mobile and the Yayasan DiRaja Sultan Mizan (YDSM) foundation have entered into a partnership agreement to use information and communication technology (ICT) to provide high speed mobile broadband and boost the wetland ecosystem in Setiu, a district in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia, reports Digital News Asia.

The project will explore five main areas: mobile broadband for all, connected agriculture, intelligent fisheries; enhanced learning; and digital ecotourism in order to provide sustainable solutions.

The first phase of work is due to commence in the last quarter of 2016 in tandem with connectivity provider Celcom Axiata and Bhd partner Luimewah.

As part of the project, Ericsson and its partners will:

  • Provide high speed mobile broadband in the wetlands area to enable the use of mobile applications, video streaming and internet of things to support the community, government and research.
  • Establish a remote monitoring system for rivers and plantations.
  • Develop a mobile app for fisherman in order for them to access information such as weather forecasts, plankton grounds and water temperature. This initiative should go onto reduce time spent at sea for workers, as well as connect the workers with their peers under one platform.

An initiative like this shows how mobility, broadband and cloud and unleash untapped potential in Malaysia. Todd Ashton, Head of Ericsson Malaysia.

“This initiative will allow Setiu to leverage ICT to digitally transform communities and industries for enhanced day-to-day living and better productivity,” he added. The partnership is a testament to how communities and the agricultural industry will be able to gain from digital platforms.

The partnership between Ericsson and the Malaysian foundation is the first of its scale, it also marks the first time ICT will be used for environmental preservation efforts.

A version of this appeared in Digital News Asia in July 11. Read the full version here.