Comparing Asus and Acer Performance on Marketplace

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Laptop brands Lazada

*Introducing the eIQ BrandData series that shares insights to different brand strategies online and how they’re performing on marketplaces across Southeast Asia in collaboration with data tool BrandIQ.


Electronics is one of the top performing categories online in Southeast Asia, especially during the holiday sales festival period when pricier items are discounted.

The BrandData series this week takes a look at the top two electronic brands on Lazada Indonesia in the Laptop category – Asus and Acer – both of which have an official shop-in-shop on the marketplace.

The performance was measured based on each brand’s search rank for the top five most popular generic keywords for Laptop discovery (according to Google Keyword Planner). The keywords are:

  • Laptop
  • Gaming laptop
  • 2 in 1 laptop
  • Laptop Umum (General Laptop)
  • Laptop Travel

If a browser uses the above keywords to search on a marketplace, products from Asus dominate four out of the five queries and account for the majority of the top 10 results.

Laptop brands Lazada

Asus products came out as #1 in the search result of the top five keywords for Laptop category on Lazada Indonesia. Source: BrandIQ

What does this mean?

Although both brands have an official shop-in-shop on Lazada Indonesia, Asus may have the advantage over Acer by listing a wider product offering online.

On its official store, Asus offers 66 SKUs consisting of 45 laptops and 21 smartphones, while Acer only has 8 products listed on its official store.

Even by taking into account the numerous unofficial merchants on Lazada that sell Asus/Acer products, which brings the total number of products to 2,000 and 1,300 for Asus and Acer respectively, offerings from Asus are still almost double that of its competitor.

And this discrepancy might be the reason why Asus products rank better on Lazada.

Laptop brands Lazada

Why does it matter?

Brand performance on marketplace search ranks is important because almost 57% of Indonesians bypass search engines like Google to go directly to marketplaces to begin their product journey online.

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