Here are today’s Ecommerce headlines you should not miss:

1. honestbee penetrates logistics sector in Thailand with honestbee Goodship 

honestbee officially launches its logistics service called honestbee Goodship in Bangkok today, catering deliveries for B2B and business-to-clients.

Goodship is focusing on the last-mile service within the same-day or next-day deliveries, but will eventually provide on-demand delivery in under an hour for the end consumers. The company expects over 50K orders per day over the next 12 months

In addition to Thailand, the services also available in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan. More countries are to be rolled soon.

Goodship competitors include Singapore’s Ninja Van, Hong Kong’s unicorn Gogovan, and Alibaba-backed logistics firm Best in China.

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2. Mobike partners with AT&T and Qualcomm for US expansion

Mobike plans to partner with AT&T and Qualcomm to rolls out its service across the US and help smoothen out its relationship with the authorities in the country.

Using the technology from Qualcomm and AT&T, Mobike is building a “single bike for global use” model as it encourages the users to relocate the bikes in the high-demand areas with incentives.

This will be helpful as it can help Mobike works with the city planners and avoid the “one size-fit all” model that causing the excess capacity, resulting in the banning for additional bikes in major cities in China.

Mobike is currently operating more than 7 million bikes across over 160 cities globally.

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3. Alibaba teams up with Tencent to combine their music copyrights

Through their subsidiaries, Ali Music Group and the Tencent Music and Entertainment Group (TME), Alibaba and Tencent have reached an agreement about music licensing, providing their users a larger collection of songs.

Both companies will share license and rights from global record labels, including Sony Music, and HIM International Music, on their respective music platforms; Alibaba’s Xiami and Tencent’s QQ Music, Kugou, and Kuwo.

With three platforms, Tencent has the combined 60% for music streaming market share in China. Meanwhile, Alibaba has near 10%.

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