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1. Grab secures investment from Toyota for its $2.5 billion financial round

Toyota has announced its decision to invest in Grab and install its driving recorders in all Grab cars to expand its driving service.

Toyota will install TransLog device into 100 Grab rental cars, enabling them to analyze driving patterns and offer improved access to connected car services. Grab claimed to have 72% market share in private-vehicle hailing in Southeast Asia

Grab announced its fundraising plan earlier this year and has closed $2 billion, out of $2.5 billion targets, from Didi Chuxing and Softbank.

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2. Apple announces its WeChat Pay acceptance 

After accepting Alipay in its platform last year, Apple has also welcomed WeChat Pay on China’s app store and Apple Music. The in-app payment experience is expected to be seamless, which will please 963 million WeChat users who are accustomed to making purchases via the all-in-one app.

This feature is only supported on iOS 10 and the latest iOS 11 system.

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3. Starhub brings Google Wifi to Singapore 

Google exclusively partners with a local telco, Starhub, to offer Google Wifi to the first market in Southeast Asia, Singapore.

The mesh networking systems have multiple Wi-Fi hubs, acting as routers to ensure seamless connectivity in various rooms. It comes with better security and user-friendly control via Google Wifi app.

From Aug 31, Google Wifi will be available with a bundle at $11 per month for 24 months.

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