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1. Vietnam’s Caramo raises angel funding, wants to make buying used cars more transparent

Caramo seeks to solve problems by connecting used car buyers and sellers directly with each other, cutting out the middlemen.

An end-to-end marketplace, it helps in all stages of the transaction – from listing to after-sales services, where it connects buyers with qualified car maintenance and repair providers.

“Caramo will coordinate the paperwork and payment process, ‘till the time the buyer receives the car, and the seller gets the money,” says CEO Cong Tran.

Citing 2016 data from analysts, Caramo says Vietnam’s second-hand car market amounts to US$3 billion a year.

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2. Digital telco Circles.Life on track to capture 4-6% of Singapore mobile market

Mobile telco upstart Circles.Life entered the Singaporean market last May with an all-digital post-paid offering. Subscribers could sign up through the company’s website, monitor their usage, and switch between different plans through a sleek mobile app.

For now, Circles.Life is on track to capture 4 to 6% of Singapore’s mobile market in the next few years. At the moment, it has plans to land in Indonesia and Hong Kong by the end of 2017.

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3. Recommended Reading: How fashion startup Aday came to life

Goldman Sachs analysts Nina Faulhaber and Meg He saw room in the retail market for a brand specializing in a few sturdy items made with technical fabrics that could serve as the baseline of a busy woman’s wardrobe.

Since its initial leggings launch, Aday has grown its store to also sell track pants, sports bras, tank tops, shorts and a new line of “technical tailored” clothing that includes button-down shirts and work pants.

Today, a new apparel brand throwing its hat into the e-commerce ring needs a hook more attractive than: Here’s more clothes.

Aday’s angle? Less is more. As part of its brand ethos, Aday invests in small batches of inventory at a time to gauge consumer demand.

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4. Gartner to acquire digital brand researcher L2

 IT research giant Gartner has agreed to buy New York-based L2, which specialises in benchmarking the digital performance of brands.

The company, which employs around 150 people in New York and London, will initially continue to operate independently, while Gartner focuses on integrating CEB, the HR-focused research business that it acquired.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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