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1. Lalamove partners with point accumulation app ChomChob 

on-demand delivery startup Lalamove has partnered up with ChomCHOB, a point accumulation app that converts a customer’s credit and debit card points into reward points. The app allows users to purchase a range of products and services from over 1000 merchants.

ChomCHOB points can be redeemed through Lalamove motorbike on-demand services from now until the end of April.

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2. Alibaba makes investment in AR for cars startup

Alibaba led an $18 million series B round for WayRay, a Switzerland-based startup specializing in augmented reality products for cars, such as its AR navigation system that overlays directions onto the car’s windshield.

Each car has a windshield and inside windows. These surfaces could be used as augmented reality displays and content could be placed anywhere in the car.

WayRay will also partner with Banma Technologies, a joint venture by Alibaba and SAIC, one of China’s largest automakers. The startup is building an AR interface for one of Banma’s 2018 models, capable of displaying driving assistant notifications and navigation information.

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3. Recommended Reading: India’s ecommerce groups take on Amazon and Alibaba

Since launching its Indian operation in 2013, Amazon has enjoyed rapid market share gains at the expense of local leaders Flipkart and Snapdeal, with each of the three burning through tens of millions of dollars a month as competition intensified.

These deep pockets could prove crucial in the long and expensive war for the Indian digital consumer. “It’s not about who’s got the biggest business right now. It’s about who’s willing to invest the most money in making this happen,” says Kashyap Deorah, technology entrepreneur during an interview with the Financial Times.

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