Here’s what you should know for today.

1. Google & H&M’s Ivyrevel will make you a “data dress”

Google says it teamed up with H&M’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel on a project dubbed “Coded Couture.” Through a forthcoming Android application, users can consent to have their activity and lifestyle data monitored – by way of the Awareness API –  to create a their own, personalized, custom-made dress that’s ordered through the app.

The “little black dress” will never be the same.

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2. New Zealand uses Alibaba to sell air to Chinese consumers

Currently New Zealand uses Alibaba to sell fresh air to Chinese consumers. Oxygen Air bottles the air in aerosol cans and sells them for about $25. In Australia, up to $1 million worth of air has been bottled and Alibaba could be another opportunity for air farmers to expand their business. Air is being bottled in the Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach and the Yarra Valley.

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3. Recommended Reading: Seven Bank’s cash cow threatened as more shoppers pay with plastic

A onetime darling of Japan’s financial world and a driver of growth for the 7-Eleven convenience store group is facing some inconvenient truths as more Japanese go cashless.

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