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1. Singtel and Lazada collaborate to get Singaporean SMEs online

Local telco Singtel announced its partnership with Lazada. The two companies are launching an online marketplace called 99% SME, through which small businesses in Singapore can have an online presence and make their products readily available online.

The marketplace will be part of Lazada’s website, so users will be served ads about these small businesses and will be able to buy from them using Lazada’s infrastructure. The initiative is part of the 99% SME program by Singtel, Singaporean bank DBS, and media company Mediacorp.

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2. DHL ecommerce expands in Thailand-targets SMEs

DHL has extended its services to small ecommerce merchants, tapping into Thailand’s 2.7 million SMEs. This will mean greater convenience and a quicker delivery process, which means that merchants can focus more on growing and running their business, instead of spending more time on last-mile.

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3. Angel-eQ invests in Indonesian sport booking platform Doogether

Founded in 2016 by Fauzan Gani the platform enables users to book venues for 20 different kinds of sports, from badminton, basketball, to billiards and zumba in one platform.

Since its launch in 2015, Angel-eQ has invested in seven to eight startups.

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