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1. Ant Financial enters Korea with $200 million investment

Alibaba’s financial arm, Ant Financial is investing $200 million into South Korea’s Kakao Pay, a soon-to-launch subsidiary of messaging app KakaoTalk that will allow people to make cashless payments through their phones both for purchases on the web and in stores.

97% of smartphone owners in Korea are active users of the social network. It’s backed up by an array of companion apps, like Kakao Music, Kakao TV, and Kakao Taxi.

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2. Facebook now lets you send money with Transferwise

London-based TransferWise launched the technology as a bot within Messenger. The bot, which is free to use and doesn’t affect prices or rates offered, will talk users through the process of arranging an international money transfer with TransferWise.

The bot will also allow people to set alerts to notify them when a particular foreign exchange rate they are interested in hits a certain level.

The service is currently available for payments to and from the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe, with plans to expand to all of TransferWise’s locations later this year.

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3. Kiu launches ecommerce platform for Vietnamese SMEs

The platform would initially cover Vietnam and Cambodia, and will enable overseas buyers to source goods from Vietnamese suppliers.

The Kiu platform consists of Kiu Marketplace, which lists products ranging from baby clothing, to school supplies for consumers and wholesale importers.

The platform was launched to tackle a problem that Vietnamese SMEs have been having-They find it difficult to enter overseas markets, because no one has helped them validate goods and help with financing

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4. Recommended Reading: Facebook on course to be the WeChat of the West

Research firm Gartner is calling the start of a “post-apps” era, based on changes in consumer interactions that appear driven, in large part, by the rise of dominant messaging platforms designed to consume more and more of mobile users’ time and attention.

People are spending more time with the apps that they’ve already got-Gartner

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