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1. mClinica raises $6.3M to map healthcare data in Southeast Asia

Health startups are pulling in money in Southeast Asia. A week after wellness-focused insurance brokerage CXA drew $25 million from investors, fellow Singapore-based startup mClinica has announced a $6.3 million Series A raise.

Founder and CEO Farouk Meralli explained in an interview that the region currently lacks data because it is dominated by small ‘mom and pop’ style stores.

Today, the mClinica service is present in three countries — the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam — where it offers a platform for local pharmacies to help them make sense of their business.

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2. Payments software for businesses, Moka, raises funding

Indonesian startup Moka announced today it’s raised a $2m round of financing led by Mandiri Capital. Moka offers point-of-sales, cash flow management, and a customer relationship management tool for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

It replaces traditional cash registers with a cloud-based software that runs on iOS and Android devices.

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3. Recommended Reading: Once poverty-stricken, China’s “Taobao villages” have found a lifeline making trinkets for the internet

As part of the state’s targeted poverty alleviation campaign, the township government sponsored e-commerce and clothing-production training classes, provided low-cost loans, and encouraged successful entrepreneurs to prioritize hiring locals who remained below the poverty threshold.

In less than four years, 6,300 people in Daiji and its surrounding county have moved above the official poverty line due to ecommerce sales.

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